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Walter Meier Climate (USA), with its Nortec division is the market leader of commercial humidification technology. Their success is attributed to the expansive Nortec product line that offers a variety of humidification options. Nortec Humidifiers are offered in five varieties: Electric, Gas-fired, Nozzles/Evaporative, Pressure Steam, and Steam Distribution. Nortec offers service and products throughout the North American Continent.

Nortec's affiliation with AxAir Group allows them to belong to the largest humidification enterprise in the world. This alliance also guarantees Nortec's access to continuous breakthroughs in research and development. This dedication to innovation is apparent in Nortec's product line. Starting with the ES series usage of the auto-adaptive control system which increased unit efficiency and ease of use. And continued with the GH series gas-fired humidifiers, a new technology that provided affordable pure, clean, atmospheric steam.

Nortec's position as the market leader of commercial humidification needs is assured due to it's stance as an innovative humidification problem solver.


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