Nortec SAM-E Steam Distribution Parts

We stock every part for the Nortec SAM-E short absorpsion steam distribution systems. NORTECís best performing steam absorption system is designed for use in Air Handling Units and duct systems where short steam absorption distance is critical.

The SAM-E distributes clean steam, precisely controlled, uniformly into the entire air stream, and void of any condensate spray. Steam distribution takes place via distributor tubes with integrated nozzles. The steam is kept dry as condensate is drained through the main header. The stainless steel distribution tubes are typically mounted vertically but can also be mounted horizontally (10 deg. Slope) for vertical airflow applications. The distribution tubes come equipped with evenly spaced stainless steel nozzles providing optimum steam distribution, over the entire length of tube.

The inserts extend into the center of the distribution tube ensuring only condensate-free steam is released. Condensate drains out of the distribution tubes, through the header, eliminating the need for jacketed tubes. A permanent bond between the nozzles and distribution tubes is made when the insert is hydraulically pressed into the tube. The nozzles and tubes have the same thermal expansion characteristics guaranteeing a permanent union. The specifically sized orifices ensure consistent output from each insert.

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